What You Should Understand About Workers Compensation in Vermont

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Lawyer

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Any time an injury or illness occurs at work and because of work, the process of workers compensation comes up. There are a lot of legal issues that may come into play as well as medical concerns. The main thing to ensure is that the injured employee is not taken advantage of and that he or she is able to be restored to as normal function before the incident as possible. It also behooves the injured worker to understand the laws surrounding workers compensation in his or her state. An attorney who represents clients for Workers Compensation in Vermont wants clients to understand the process.

• It is imperative that the injured worker tells the employer as soon as possible about his or her injury. If the injury is one that shall keep the employee out of work, a written note from the doctor must be provided to the employer.

• A form called Form 5 is available to be filled out if your employer fails to report the injury to the Department of Labor. The information filled out on this form must be verified, such as witnesses to the incident that caused your injury.

• Although an employer may request you to see a company-retained doctor for your first visit, you have the right to go to another doctor of your choosing afterwards. An appropriate form to make this change must be filled out.

• The insurance company of your employer has 21 days after receiving notification of your injury to investigate the claim to see if indeed you have a valid claim.

• It is important to keep your employer informed of every medical visit you have in connection with your injury and to follow all the procedures you are told to follow. Click here to learn more.

Of course, all workers compensation cases do not go as smoothly. You may need to retain a lawyer. McVeigh-Skiff are attorneys in Burlington, Vermont who represent clients in workers compensation cases. They have over four decades of experience helping clients in these type of cases. If you need them to represent you for Workers Compensation in Vermont, visit their website. That website is Website URL.