What to Know about Estate Planning Services in Mesa, AZ

by | Nov 4, 2016 | Lawyer

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One of the most responsible and important things a person can do in life is to plan for what happens after he or she passes on. There should be some sort of legal document in place for the final disposition of any assets and debts left. This is known as estate planning. More and more people are seeing the necessity of planning this very critical of their final process. It is a final act of love that can be shown to surviving family members. There is an attorney who provides Estate Planning Services in Mesa AZ. These are some things the attorney states that people should know about estate planning.

It is serious business when a person dies without leaving a will. In such cases, the state’s probate court will automatically take charge of handling the affairs. That may or may not go favorably for the decedent’s heirs. When the person’s estate goes into probate in Arizona, there are three ways in which it can be handled: informal probate, formal probate and supervised probate. The informal probate has minimal supervision of the court and must be executed by either a spouse, a child, a parent, or a brother or sister, including half-brothers and sisters.

Sometimes the Department of Veteran Affairs can handle the informal probate if the decedent was a veteran. The formal probate is partially supervised by the court, and the supervised probate is completely supervised by the court. This is the one most traditionally used. This is the one where the potential executors of the estate may need an attorney. In any case, to avoid all of these complications, it is best to plan the estate ahead of the need for it.

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