What to Expect During Probate in Las Vegas, NV

by | Mar 29, 2016 | Lawyer

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In Nevada, all wills must enter the probate court before any distribution to the family is made. These requirements prevent estate owners from avoiding clear obligations after they die. An attorney could help the family navigate through the Probate Las Vegas NV process and answer their questions quickly.

Reviewing the Probate Process

During probate, creditors have the right to apply a lien against the estate. The court evaluates these liens and any outstanding balances owed to the creditors. They must verify the validity of the debt before any funds are released to the creditor and, if necessary, they could seize property and sell it to settle these debts. If these orders are required, the family members must provide the title for the property to the court. However, in most circumstances, the court seizes monetary accounts during this process.

Reviewing Provisions of the Will

Provisions in the will could address outstanding debts. If the estate owner set up an insurance policy to settle debts specifically, the court must acquire further information about these accounts or policies from the administrator or the owner’s attorney. The court will evaluate all provisions that could reduce the time required for the probate process.

Disputing the Will

Any family member who has a dispute about the will has the right to file a claim. Their attorney must provide vital information to the court about their claim. Initially, they must provide evidence of a legal claim to the estate. They must have a legal right to a spouse, child, or biological heir to the estate owner.

Any dispute submitted to the court must be addressed before any beneficiaries receive properties or assets listed in the will. The court manages these disputes and makes a ruling about legal rights to the estate.

In Nevada, estate owners must complete the estate-planning process to reduce the time needed for the probate process. This process determines if the estate owner had any outstanding debts that weren’t settled previously. During this process, the court must verify the validity of all claims against the estate. Families that need to discuss the probate process in Las Vegas, NV should contact Grant Morris Dodds or click here for more information about these requirements today.