Using Child Custody Attorneys in Murrieta, GA

by | Jun 24, 2016 | Lawyer

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When a marriage dissolves, leading to divorce, there may be a need for child custody attorneys in Murrieta, CA, if the couple has offspring. Often, a couple will disagree about who will hold the primary custody, making it necessary to go through a court proceeding. A judge would then make the decision about who would be the primary caregiver or if both parents would share this role.

First, the couple will need to go to their respective attorneys to speak about their hopes and expectations for their children. This information will be put into documentation and sent to each other’s lawyers. The lawyers will convey the information to their clients and the clients will then need to decide if they can adhere to the other person’s specifications or if they would like to have a judge make the determination instead.

Most court proceedings will involve a mediation process. This is usually done with an attorney representing each person fighting for custody of their children. In this type of setting, the mediator will listen to what each party wishes for their child’s living arrangements. They will then gently make suggestions in coming to a compromise between the parties regarding custody and visitation until the day of the court date.

When it comes time for court, the lawyers will do their best at convincing the judge as to who would be better suited as the primary caregiver. The parents’ lifestyles, working habits, and character would all be analyzed and cross-examined to prove who would be the better candidate to care for the children. Sometimes the children will also have a say in who they wish to live with permanently.

If someone needs to hire one of the child custody attorneys in Murrieta, CA, they will want to make sure the one they select is best suited for the job. Finding an attorney with compassion and a will to fight for their client is best.

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