Useful Legal Tips from Rideshare Accident Lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL

by | Jun 13, 2022 | Lawyer

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Many individuals take advantage of low-cost transportation services especially when they live or work in an urban area. The costs for cab fare rides are often too steep to be used by those with limited budgets. Some decide to share rides with friends, co-workers, or even strangers when they call for a rideshare service. If ever injured while riding in one of these transport vehicles, it is smart to consult with experienced rideshare accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Rideshare Drivers & Passengers Are Not Immune to Accidents & Injuries

Rideshare transport options help many people get to and from their daily destinations with a minimum of bother and for a lowered price than other transport methods. However, drivers of a rideshare motor vehicle may still be involved in an automobile accident at any given time.

Injured Passengers in a Rideshare Vehicle Accident Should Consult with an Attorney

Injured passengers in a rideshare vehicle should consult with a seasoned attorney that practices personal injury law and is familiar with the legal laws that apply to these accidental situations.

A Rideshare Driver’s Insurance Should Cover Injury Costs of Passengers

Rideshare motor vehicles are relatively new in the transportation industry. However, most states have already enacted certain legal requirements that cover rideshare vehicles that relate to the driver’s need for commercial driver insurance in order to operate.

Rideshare accident lawyers from Fort Lauderdale, FL can be of legal assistance following an accident involving a rideshare vehicle. Contact Ginnis & Krathen, P.A. to review your rideshare case specifics.