Understanding Your Rights with a Law Firm in Junction City, KS

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Lawyer

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Kansas consumers need clarity about their rights when they sustain unexpected injuries. The use of products released on the market should never present circumstances in which a consumer could become injured. In fact, laws in Kansas and states throughout the country allow these consumers to fight for their rights when these events occur. A law firm in Junction City, KS could help consumers identify their rights in these cases.

Identifying the Steps for a Product’s Liability Case

When starting a product’s liability case, the consumer must file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. Once the report is reviewed, the agency determines if the product presents a threat to all consumers. They may launch an investigation to gauge the risks and determine their origin. Once identified, the agency determines if a recall is necessary to protect all consumers from further injury possibilities.

The Impact of a Product Recall

When a product is recalled, the Consumer Rights Protection Agency issues a notification to all retailers. Ads are distributed to all forms of media to spread the word about the risks. They provide consumers with information about possible injuries and what to do next. The manufacturer must provide a refund to consumers or fix the defect that is causing the risk. The recall must provide contact information about what law firm is coordinating efforts for refunds or repairs. For a further explanation of a product recall, victims should contact a law firm in Junction City, KS now.

Increasing the Size of the Lawsuit

If more victims are discovered, they have the opportunity to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If the lawsuit becomes a class action lawsuit, the attorney may break up the victims into groups to help them present their case on a more personalized level. It also allows more victims to gain access to the court at an earlier time.

Kansas consumers have the right to file a claim if they sustain injuries while using any product. According to consumer rights laws, manufacturers must provide products that are safe. Failure to do so could lead to a product’s liability. Victims who have sustained injuries while using these products should contact the Oleen Law Firm or browse the website for more information now.