Three Things Only Possible with a Matrimonial Attorney in Northfield, NJ

by | May 18, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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There are times when even you are not aware of some of your rights as a spouse, parent, and property owner and a matrimonial attorney could be the only way to discover those rights. After all, you cannot be expected to know the law by word but a lawyer will spend years memorizing every single relevant word to ensure that he or she knows how to handle a courtroom. Working through a divorce is difficult but you need not worry too much if you have someone on your side ready to fight for your rights.

Hidden Assets

One of the most time-consuming parts of any divorce case will be the dividing of the assets to each ex-spouse and this can cause the proceedings to drag on for weeks. Some of the more irritating moments occur when you suspect that your spouse is hiding some of his or her assets to appear as if he or she is penniless and therefore unable to give you anything. Your matrimonial attorney in Northfield, NJ is your weapon against this as he or she can use discovery to uncover assets regardless of their hiding places.


Your soon-to-be ex-spouse will most likely hire an attorney of his or her own and it is not likely that you will be able to negotiate fair terms when fighting such skill. Fortunately, a family law attorney such as Michael T. Wolf, Esq. In Northfield, NJ will know just how to handle another attorney and may even know the man or woman personally from working in the field. This will ensure that all negotiations go as you plan and that they are fair from the start.


With few exceptions, the first settlement offer made to you is likely to have a number of obvious and subtle issues that take the fairness out of your hands and leave you with less than you want. However, a professional matrimonial attorney will easily be able to hunt through the confusing legal jargon to discover these problems before you sign anything. You deserve to have protection capable of catching a trap before you sign your rights away on the dotted line.