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Steps That a Lemon Law Lawyer in Orange County, CA, Will Take to Help You

The state of California has unique laws in place for consumer protection compared to the rest of the United States. One of those is the lemon law, which states that consumers who buy a defective car are entitled to their money back or a replacement vehicle. Of course, manufacturers and dealers don’t make getting your money back easy, which is why you should work with a lemon law lawyer in Orange County, CA.

Here are the steps that a lawyer will take to get your money back.

Step One: Building Your Case

Car manufacturers don’t make it easy to get your money back, so expect them to fight you during arbitration. That is why you need to build your case before you begin the lemon law compensation process. Building your case means collecting details that prove you were sold a lemon, including manufacturer’s warranties, receipts from the repair shop, and more.

Some law firms such as Lemon Law Help by Knight Law Group even offer a free case review before you begin the process, so you know if your case is strong enough to win money before you begin.

Step Two: Arbitration

Usually, lemon law cases just go to arbitration. Your lemon law lawyer in Orange County, CA, will represent you during the arbitration and make sure that the opposing side isn’t trying to pass off a bad deal to you. In the worst cases, a lawyer can represent you in court.