Steps For Reporting Nursing Home Neglect In Waldorf

by | Feb 9, 2017 | Lawyers

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In Maryland, seniors and their families have the right to file a lawsuit after the senior is abused or neglected. These occurrences in nursing home facilities aren’t rare and could lead to a fatality. These facilities are often understaffed and hire unethical individuals. These unethical individuals fail to provide adequate health care to seniors and may deliberately abuse them. The following are details about the step for reporting Nursing Home Neglect in Waldorf.

A Doctor’s Examination

A doctor’s examination can provide clear evidence of nursing home neglect and abuse. These seniors will have existing injuries including bruises and possibly broken bones. In some cases, the senior is malnourished and may have bedsores. The doctor can create a report of these injuries to enable the family to take legal action and to help the senior recover.

Removing the Senior from the Facility

The next step is to remove the senior from the facility. The family has the legal right to remove their senior from the facility at any time. This action can help them to protect their senior and prevent any further incidents. Their attorney will guide them through this process.

Initiating Criminal Charges

The family has the legal right to initiate criminal charges against the nursing home. This enables the officers to launch an investigation and identify the exact party responsible for the senior’s injuries. The state can arrest and prosecute anyone who is abusing the senior in any way.

Filing a Lawsuit

The family can also file a lawsuit against the nursing home. These lawsuits help them to acquire compensation for any financial losses including medical expenses and funeral costs if the senior dies. They can also acquire punitive damages for pain and suffering. The severity of the senior’s health defines these damages.

In Maryland, seniors and their families can take immediate action against a nursing home. The nature of these legal actions depends greatly on the condition the senior is in and what type of abuse occurred. These family can remove them from the facility as well as file formal charges against its administration. Families who need to report Nursing Home Neglect in Waldorf can contact Jaklitsch Law Group today.