Seeking Legal Help After a Car Accident in Hattiesburg MS

by | Jan 20, 2016 | Lawyer

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No one likes the idea of being involved in a traffic accident. When such an event takes place, it makes sense to seek legal counsel as soon after the Car Accident in Hattiesburg MS as possible. Doing so will provide the client with several key benefits. Here are some examples.

Preparing Insurance Claims

In the a good scenario, all parties involved in the Car Accident in Hattiesburg MS will have insurance. That means claims must be filed. For people who are not familiar with the process, it can be confusing. Choosing to seek legal help is often a good idea. An attorney can look over the details of the police report, pore over the pictures of the damage, and even take into account any medical records related to treatments after the event. From there, it will be easy to file a claim that addresses all the issues involved.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

Another reason to seek legal counsel is to ensure that communication with the insurance provider is kept on a professional level. While many providers are ethical, there are those who will see if there is any way to shift part of the responsibility for the Car Accident in Hattiesburg MS to the injured party. That can mean asking questions intended to compel the individual to make statements that seem to indicate some degree of responsibility.

Rather than running the risk of being caught in this type of situation, it pays to have all communications go through the attorney. There will be no worries about any statements being taken out of context and used as the basis for offering anything less than a reasonable settlement.

Taking the Matter to Court

If it is not possible to reach a settlement, the next step is to take the matter to court. The attorney can advise the client on the chances of receiving a favorable verdict, and what to expect during the course of the trial. In some cases, filing charges may be all the motivation that the other side needs to suddenly become cooperative.

For anyone who has been in an auto accident recently, talk with one of the Car Accident Lawyers at T. Michael Reed today. After reviewing the specifics, it will be easy to discuss how to proceed with the client.