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Securing Help from Accident Attorneys in Norfolk, VA

If a person gets into any type of accident and is injured through the fault of another person or thing, a potential lawsuit can be filed. To file a personal injury lawsuit in a given state or commonwealth, the person needs to be aware of the laws regarding personal injuries. Accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA can help people who have been injured in accidents through no fault of their own. Here are some things that people need to know about personal injury laws in Virginia.

Personal Injury Laws in Virginia

Any person who wants to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in Virginia must realize that the statute of limitations allows only two years from the date of the accident to file the lawsuit in a civil court. If the accident occurred because of a government entity/city or town agency, the claimant will have to file a formal claim first within six months, if the agency is a. If the agency is at the state level, the claimant will have one year to file the formal claim before proceeding with the lawsuit.

More on Personal Injury Laws in Virginia

If the claimant does not file the formal claim in the time allowed or the lawsuit in the time period allowed, any opportunity to have the case heard will likely be gone, as well as the chance to be awarded damages. It is also good to know that Virginia applies a harsh rule called contributory negligence, which means that if the claimant is found even one percent at fault for the accident, no damages will be awarded. To avoid this happening, it is wise to hire the best possible attorney.

A Law Firm in Norfolk, Virginia for Personal Injury Lawsuits

When it comes to personal injury lawsuit representation in the Norfolk, Virginia area, there are many attorneys available. Price, Perkins, Larkin are attorneys in the coastal Virginia area who represent people with personal injury lawsuit issues. Anyone looking to consult with accident attorneys in Norfolk, VA can contact this law firm. More information can be found at website.