Reviewing the Impact Of a Philadelphia Prison Sentence

by | Feb 15, 2016 | Lawyers

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In Pennsylvania, the full impact of a criminal conviction could alter an individual’s life dramatically. For example, convictions are often the first item reviewed by prospective employers and the nature of the infraction for which the individual is convicted could determine how they continue in their lives after they are released. A Philadelphia prison sentence could have damaging effects on these individual’s lives and reduce their ability to thrive once they are back in the real world.

The Full Impact of a Felony Charge

A felony conviction could present these individuals as a risk to employers. This could reduce their ability to acquire gainful employment in the future. The nature of the conviction could increase the risks viewed by prospective employers. It could also eliminate the individual’s changes for reviewing job offers. For example, if the individual is guilty of larceny, they may never work in banks or businesses that manage money ever again.

What Happens With a Sexually-Based Charge?

All individuals who are convicted of sexually based charges register as a sex offender upon their arrest. Through registration, they are notifying the public that they committed a sexually-based crime. This affects where they work, live and move. Select offenders may not work in schools or live near parks in which children may be present.

These crimes could decrease their odds of acquiring employment due to the risk of repeat offenses. Statistics show that these offenders may incur additional charges once released. This information may make employers fearful of hiring a high-risk individual within their company.

Quality of Life After Prison

The terms of parole include the acquisition of employment by a deadline provided by the state. For these individuals, these terms could lead to the acceptance of minimum wage jobs that don’t provide adequate income to support themselves. This could considerably reduce their quality of life after prison.

In Pennsylvania, individuals who are convicted of serious crimes may face difficulties after their release. Some difficulties could relate to acquiring gainful employment. They could also spill over into the personal lives of these individuals. Anyone charged with a serious crime in and facing a potentially lengthy Philadelphia prison sentence should visit website for more information about legal defenses today.