Reviewing Mediation Opportunities with Litigation Lawyers In Mankato, MN

by | May 5, 2016 | Lawyer

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In Minnesota, litigation could arise due to a variety of life events. Divorces are among these life events that could lead to lengthy litigation processes. However, mediation is available through these proceedings and could reduce the time needed to reach a solution. Litigation lawyers in Mankato, MN, provide mediation services for local residents filing for a divorce.

Settling Property Disputes in Divorce Cases
The division of marital property must present an equal portion for both parties in Minnesota. However, the court must identify what properties and assets are classified as marital property. Any property that either party owned before the marriage may not fall under this category. When this is the case, a dispute may arise. The most common disputes are related to residential properties that are used during the marriage, including the primary residence. The mediation process could give the parties the opportunity to settle these disputes.

Creating a Separation Agreement
Mediation is also used when couples create a separation agreement. These agreements are similar to those used for a divorce. The couple divides their property, define a custody arrangement, and calculate child support. They acquire all the same benefits of a divorce while maintaining the major benefits of marriage, such as family medical coverage. During the mediation process, the couple finalizes this agreement.

When Child Custody is the Primary Issue
In divorce cases in which child custody is the primary issue, the couple’s attorneys may recommend mediation. The process helps them avoid a divorce trial. It also helps them to discuss their differences in a neutral environment. Mediation could take a few hours or several days to complete. The length of the process depends on the size of the marital estate and willingness of the couple to compromise. If these measures fail, the court schedules a divorce trial. The trial could take up to two years to settle.

Minnesota residents face challenges when their divorce case is contested. If this happens, the couple must find a solution to finalize their divorce. Measures such as mediation could assist couples in finding a clearer solution without a lengthy divorce trial. Local residents who need to hire litigation lawyers in Mankato, MN, should visit today for additional information.

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