Reviewing Laws With Child Support Lawyers In Decatur, AL

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Lawyers

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In Alabama, child support payments are ordered in divorce cases or separate child custody hearings. Noncustodial parents submit child support payments to the custodial parent directly or through the court. The payments provide additional financial support for the child. Child Support Lawyers in Decatur AL explain laws that apply to child support and custody orders.

How is Child Support Calculated and Why Is It Needed?

The child support is calculated through an assessment of each parent’s income. The financial needs of the child are evaluated, too. Next, the court reviews the rates according to how many children were produced during the marriage.

Child support payments cover a portion of financial support for the child and their medical expenses. Some payment structures include the cost of specialized school tuition and childcare costs.

How Long Does the Noncustodial Parent Pay Child Support?

The state requires child support payments until the child becomes an adult. A child becomes an adult when they turn 19. Once the child is 19, the noncustodial parent is no longer obligated to pay the payments in most cases.

Conditions that Extend Child Support Payments

If the child attends college and lives with the custodial parent, the custodial parent petitions the court for an extension. If approved, the noncustodial parent must pay the child support payments until the child reaches 21 years of age or graduates from college. The support payments remain at the same amount as stipulated in the child custody and support order.

What Happens if a Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support?

If the noncustodial parent doesn’t pay child support, the custodial parent reports them to the court. Under deadbeat parent laws, the court issues a summons for a new court appearance. If the noncustodial parent doesn’t catch up on the payments, the parent is arrested. They remain in the county jail until the child support is paid.

In Alabama, child support is required for every child produced during the marriage. The payments are calculated according to the income of both parents and the total number of children. The child support orders are enforced by the court, and non-payment of the child support leads to criminal charges. Petitioners who need more information about the orders contact Child Support Lawyers in Decatur AL for Confident Legal Guidance today.