Review The Steps With A Child Adoption Attorney in Summerlin NV

by | Aug 13, 2019 | Attorneys

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In Nevada, adoption is a legal option for couples who cannot conceive a child to become parents. The process requires a complete assessment of the parents. The biological parents’ rights are terminated, and the adoptive parents become the legal guardians of the child. A Child Adoption Attorney in Summerlin NV explains the process to prospective parents.

Filing an Application for Adoption

Hopeful parents complete an application for adoption through their preferred adoption agency. The agency must review the couple or individual for a criminal record and current employment. The application is approved if the couple meets state regulations for adoption.

Completing the Home Study and Interview

The home study is an assessment of the living environment where the child will live after the adoption. The parents must have enough space for the child to have their own room and adequate living space. The home must be in order and shouldn’t present any risks to the child. The interview is conducted during the home study, and the caseworker asks the prospective parents about their lifestyle. The findings determine if the parent or parents qualify for adoption.

Finding the Right Child

The adoption agency hosts a meet and greet for all the children. It gives the prospective parents time to meet and talk to the children. The caseworkers assist and determine if the parents are the right fit for the child. The child has the legal right to refuse an adoption.

Attending the Adoption Hearing

After the couple is approved, the court schedules an adoption hearing. During the hearing, the child can change their name if they prefer. The judge signs the adoption forms, and the applicants become the child’s legal parents. Once the adoption is official, the adoptive parents make all decisions for the child.

In Nevada, adopting a child could become a great adventure for hopeful parents. It is a great alternative for couples who cannot conceive a child and want to become parents. The approval process requires a home study and a complete background check. Prospective parents who want to adopt contact a Child Adoption Attorney in Summerlin NV through Pintar Albiston LLP and schedule an appointment right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.