Resolving the Most Difficult Family Legal Disputes in Divorce with a Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro MO

by | Dec 19, 2016 | Lawyers

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Divorce can create indelible changes in a family. The most pressing issues that come up in divorce is the equitable distribution of assets, spousal support, child support and child custody. Many separated spouses are highly divisive concerning the terms of the divorce. In the effort to stop a heated divorce from going to trial, divorce mediation with an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro MO may provide the most sensible solution. Two arbitrators are assigned to the case of each spouse. The wishes on both sides are presented in a meeting so the mediators can find a way to reach the middle ground. If possible, mediators might try to make modifications to the requests on both sides to reach a mutual agreement. If the terms and conditions of divorce can be settled in divorce arbitration, the two spouses confirm they agree by signing an official document. The stipulations are handed over to a judge for approval. If the objectives of divorce mediation fail, all parties withdraw and the case goes to trial.

Shared financial and tangible assets can cause intense conflict. Some spouses need exhaustive legal aid from a Divorce Lawyer in Hillsboro MO if the stakes are high for the assets separated couples share. Situations that are hard for divorcing couples to make major changes for on their own are splitting the earnings of a shared business, retirement funds and other financial assets of high value. A divorce lawyer will need to know if one spouse will be leaving the family business. If separated couples find no way to continue doing business after divorce, the bankruptcy court may be imminent in the future. One spouse selling his or her half of the business could be a workable solution in this type of quandary. In difficult disputes regarding valuable financial assets, a law firm held in high regards should be hired to work out an arrangement.

The number one principle in divorce is to have each spouse transition into their new lives with no hardship or inconvenience that interferes with quality of life. Children who have time and a relationship invested in both parents should not be deprived of that after divorce. There are ways to give both parents equitable parental rights to children, even if one parent has primary custody. Contact Wegmann Law Firm to consult with a lawyer about family legal affairs in greater detail.