Regardless of the Situation, Don’t Pass Up Consulting a DWI Attorney in Twin Falls, ID

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Lawyers

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A DWI is nothing to be taken lightly, even if a person has been charged with this crime for the first time and no one was hurt. Because of the potential this particular crime has regaridng property damage, personal injury, and even death, and considering its history, it’s not surprising that law enforcement tends to come down rather hard on people who have been accused of driving while intoxicated. It’s also not surprising that the criminal justice system can hand out some fairly stiff penalties even for people who have been found guilty of DWI for the first time.

Why Hire a Lawyer

Whatever the situation is, whether a person’s DWI incident resulted in only an arrest, or perhaps it resulted in an accident or damage to individuals or properties occurred, it is essential to have the services of a DWI attorney in Twin Falls, ID. Hiring an attorney may feel like a waste of money to the person facing these charges. The case against them may be fairly convincing and, to a person without legal training, it may seem like there is very little that an attorney can do.

Is One Needed

There are instances where hiring an attorney may not be required. If the DWI stop did not lead to an accident where significant property loss was incurred or injuries or fatalities were involved, there might be very little that an attorney could do.

Sometimes there are inconsistencies with a breathalyzer machine, field sobriety tests, and the motivation for stopping the vehicle in the first place could potentially be challenged by an attorney. While these things do happen, they are more exceptions to the rule. In the case of most first-time offenders, there’s not much a person can do, even with the assistance of an attorney, to avoid the penalties of a first time, non-accident DWI arrest.

However, a consultation is still prudent. If a lawyer can’t help in a case, they will advise someone in the consultation so as not to waste money and time.

There are times when a person may have been arrested multiple times for DWI, or there were injuries or deaths involved. In these situations, having a DWI attorney in Twin Falls, ID is imperative. Regardless of your situation, it is always good to visit Domain to see if their services can be of benefit to you moving forward.