Reasons to Hire a Haltom City Bondsman

by | Feb 11, 2019 | Bail Bonds Service

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Once an individual is detained by law enforcement, the first thought usually getting out of jail. While the benefit of not being incarcerated is obvious, there are a few other things that should be considered. Here are just a few reasons to hire a here.

It’s Easier to Secure Legal Representation

While many lawyers do accept collect calls from lock-up facilities, it is hard to take advantage of the ability to choose a lawyer. Deciding which lawyer to hire should not be a snap decision. The defendant will want to be able to hire an attorney that has experience with the type of charges that are being brought against them.

It’s Easier to Settle Pending Charges

One of the things that come into consideration by the prosecution is the present activities of the defendant. The fact that the defendant is holding down a job, contributing to the community in some way, or is taking care of a family can be used as a way to bargain a deal to avoid a trial. If the defendant is already incarcerated, there is not much leverage in the argument that they should not remain in jail. Even if the defendant was on the wrong track at the time that the crime was committed, being free affords them the chance to get it together before the next court appearance.

Jail Time is not Compensable

Even if the charges are eventually dropped or the defendant is acquitted of the crimes, time and money are still lost when that time is spent in a jail cell. The defendant may have lost a job in the interim. Unfortunately, time is something that can’t be recovered. Having to tell a potential employer that you lost a job because of being incarcerated can leave a bad impression, even if those charges are disposed of.

Being released on bond can be a second chance. There are certain responsibilities that the defendant will be held accountable for after release such as weekly reporting, maintaining employment, and abstaining from the use of drugs. Most importantly, the defendant is expected to stay out of legal trouble. there.