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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Premises Liability Attorney in Mansfield, CT

Receiving an injury is only made worse if something could have been done to prevent it from happening to begin with. It’s the responsibility of a property owner to ensure that their property is safe for anyone who walks onto it. If someone gets hurt on their property, and they could have prevented it, then they could be sued under the laws of premises liability. If you’ve recently been hurt on another’s property, keep reading to find out why you should hire a qualified premises liability attorney in your area.

They’ll Conduct an Investigation

For a premises liability case to be valid, it has to be proved without a reasonable doubt that the owner’s actions, or lack thereof, were the sole cause of the injury. A qualified premises liability attorney in Mansfield, CT will do the following to prove that the fault lies with the property owner:

  • Get copies of the incident report, photographs, and surveillance video
  • Hire an expert to investigate the scene

Conduct Interviews

Because fault has to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, your premises liability attorney will sometimes have to dig down deep to prove fault. If there was a person who witnessed the accident when it happened, your attorney will be able to track them down soon after the incident to get their statement. If their statement is valid and proves that the property owner was indeed at fault, then your attorney can have them subpoenaed to appear in court to testify. Make sure to view our website if you’re looking for a qualified attorney that will go to great lengths to help you win your case!

If you’ve recently been in an accident on someone’s property that left you injured, do your research and find a reliable premises liability attorney to fight for your case in court.