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Questions That Are Often Answered By A Construction Litigation Attorney In Gonzales, LA

In Louisiana, construction zones must follow federal and state regulations. These regulations define requirements for construction zones that keep local residents safe. These regulations are in place to prevent possible injuries. The following are questions that are often answered by a construction litigation attorney in Gonzales LA.

What are the Requirements for the Construction Site?

The foreman must position barricades around the construction site to prevent access to these areas. These fixtures must contain caution markings and provide clear indicators designating that unauthorized individuals aren’t allowed in these areas. If the construction site remains during evening hours, there must be caution lights that are illuminated during these hours. All barriers around the construction site must lose no room for error when providing direction for passersby.

What are the Requirements for the Signs?

All signs positioned around a construction site must provide clear lettering. The lettering must measure at least ten inches to heighten visibility to all who pass them. The signs must indicate when construction operations are conducted. They must also identify what areas are off limits to anyone who doesn’t work for the construction company.

What Notifications are Necessary for the Public?

The construction company must notify the public at any time that they will use explosives. They must place a notification in the newspaper to inform the public when and where they will use these explosives. They must take all precautions to prevent possible injuries and property damage. They must follow all state regulations for these explosives including the acquisition of the right permits for demolition services.

Who is Responsible for These Accidents?

The at-fault party is the individual who is directly responsible for the construction site. In most cases, it is a foreman. However, in most cases, the construction company itself is often the defendant in a lawsuit.

In Louisiana, construction zones require specific regulations to prevent accidents. These regulations lower the risk of personal injuries and property damage. The state and county present safety regulations to ensure that residents don’t become involved in an accident. Victims who need to speak to a Construction Litigation Attorney in Gonzales LA schedule a FREE initial consultation today.