Questions to Ask When Hiring Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Lawyer

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Anyone who has ever slipped and fallen knows how painful it can be. Regardless of the circumstances of the incident, injuries can be very serious. There are many reasons why people slip and fall, but when injuries occur, it’s important to ensure the victim’s rights are protected. Consider these questions when determining whether it’s necessary to hire one of the area’s slip and fall accident lawyers.

Who’s Responsible for Slip and Fall Cases?

When a person slips, falls and gets injured, it may be hard to determine who is responsible. In many instances it comes down to the state’s liability laws, while in other cases, it is easier to assess blame. Multiple parties can share fault for a slip and fall case, and if fault cannot be established it may be time to call a slip and fall lawyer.

Do Business Owners Have an Obligation to Remove Ice and Snow?

One common cause of slip and fall injuries is ice and snow. Many victims wonder whether the business owner is liable for such incidents and answers can vary. Most laws do not require business owners to continually remove snow and ice, as it is impractical and burdensome. If, however, the snow and ice creates a unique issue outside the building, the owner is required to take care of the issue before a visitor or customer is injured.

Does a Victim Always Need to Consult a Personal Injury Attorney After a Slip and Fall?

This question can only be answered on an individual basis. However, it is always a good idea to speak to slip and fall accident lawyers in the area so a victim can determine what damages they may be entitled to. It is typically very difficult to assign fault in slip and fall cases, but an experienced accident attorney can provide legal guidance and evaluate a case’s strengths and weaknesses.

Many people dismiss slip and fall incidents as relatively harmless, but the truth is that they can have lasting effects.