Proving The Bite Wasn’t Provoked With A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer In Orange County CA

by | Apr 21, 2023 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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Dog bites can be incredibly serious and lead to complications if they’re not cared for properly. A person who has been bitten by a dog may be entitled to compensation to cover medical bills and any other expenses arising as a result of the dog bite. However, the dog owner may try to avoid liability by claiming the injured party provoked the dog and caused the bite on their own. To combat this, the injured person needs a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer in Orange County CA.

It does happen that a person will provoke a dog by being mean to it or continuing to try to pet it after the owner has asked them to stop and explained the dog doesn’t like strangers. In these cases, the injured person did cause the dog bite, so they will be responsible for their own medical care. However, there are also many cases where the dog bite was not provoked. If the owner of the dog did not have the dog under their control and the dog bit a person, the dog owner could be liable for the injured person’s expenses.

If the person who owns the dog or their insurance company claims the injured person provoked the attack, the injured person will want to contact a dog bite injury lawyer for help. A lawyer will be able to help collect evidence showing their client did not provoke the incident and, therefore, is entitled to compensation for their injuries. Additionally, the lawyer will help the injured person determine the full amount of compensation they’re owed. The lawyer will present this evidence to the insurance company to negotiate a higher amount or in court to convince the judge their client was simply an innocent victim in the situation.

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