Proving Mental Illness: Why People Need a Disability Lawyer In Philadelphia

by | Jan 24, 2017 | Lawyers

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The government protects itself by constantly seeking to prevent fraud. There is no question there are a number of individuals that fake injuries and lie about illnesses to get benefits they do not deserve. This makes it much more difficult for genuinely disabled people to prove their cases to the government adequately. It is even more challenging for those that suffer from mental illnesses. Some people with a mental illness manage to work and support themselves. That does not mean all people have that ability. There are many reasons why a Disability Lawyer In Philadelphia is needed when mental illness is preventing someone from supporting themselves.

* People with a mental illness will not necessarily look sick.

* Many forms of mental illness fluctuate in severity daily, and some people can have months without any problems. They can also have months where they are completely incapacitated. The review board will only know what they see for themselves and may not understand that the calm, organized person at the hearing is only having a good day.

* It is not as easy to evaluate the extent or severity of a mental illness as it is a physical disease or injury.

Approval for disability due to mental illness is determined differently than other illnesses. Social interaction and daily lifestyle are reviewed to decide if the claimant is able to function in a way that is deemed normal. This is difficult for many people with mental illness due to their tendency to separate themselves from others, and they may not have a good support system available that can attest to their struggles. The desire to live a sheltered life is not necessarily viewed as a mental illness because many people without mental disorders are socially isolated by choice.

The best option for anyone with a mental illness, in addition to hiring a Disability Lawyer In Philadelphia, is to see a doctor for a diagnosis and follow through with all treatment plans. A history of medical care related to the illness is the best proof anyone can have. A lawyer will assist with the paperwork and details that commonly lead to denials in the majority of claims. Contact a law office if a diagnosis, and ongoing treatment plan is already underway. Visit Website Domain to schedule a consultation and take the initial steps necessary to file a claim.