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Protection and Counsel from a Domestic Violence Attorney in Cleveland TN

When you gather the courage to leave a violent relationship, you need to use every legal avenue to protect yourself and your children. Knowing what these resources are and how you can use them to your advantage can be challenging if you are not familiar with the legal programs in your city or state.

You can access them quickly and effectively when you hire a domestic violence attorney in Cleveland, TN, to represent you. Your lawyer can work on your behalf to get you out of a dangerous relationship and help you rebuild your life safely.

Filing for a Protection from Abuse Order

One of the first moves that your domestic violence attorney in Cleveland, TN, will take on your behalf involves filing for a Protection from Abuse order or PFA. The PFA acts as essentially a restraining order and demands that the abuser stay so many yards away from you and your children.

It also prohibits him or her from contacting you by mail, phone, text message or on social media. If the person violates the protection order, he or she can go to jail and forfeit any rights that he or she would have had in the legal proceedings.

Your attorney can also ask the court for child support, alimony and access to the family home. You can learn more about hiring a domestic violence attorney in Cleveland, TN, online. Contact the law firm of Chancey-Kanavos to set up a consultation or browse the site for more information.