Protecting Your Finances with a Family Divorce Lawyer in Burlington, IA

by | Jan 29, 2024 | Lawyers

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After spending years building a family with someone, you may realize that you are no longer compatible with each other. You may want to go your separate ways and take what money rightfully belongs to you with you.

However, you may need the help of legal counsel like a family divorce lawyer in Burlington, IA to sort out your finances. You can get the legal assistance you need when you retain a representative like a family estate planning lawyer in Burlington, IA.

Setting Aside Funds

Before you finalize your divorce from your spouse, you may want to protect your premarital assets from litigation. You may want to set them aside in a trust or another account that the other spouse does not have access to and cannot legally claim.

When you retain counsel like a family estate planning lawyer in Burlington, IA, you can find out what kinds of accounts you can consider for this purpose. You can also select one that comes with benefits like tax breaks to make it more affordable in which to invest.

Your family divorce lawyer in Burlington, IA can also advise you on what funds you can legally claim to be yours entirely and not those of your spouse. You can find out more about hiring this type of legal counsel for your upcoming divorce online. To set up a consultation or learn about retainer fees, visit Cray Law PLC today.