Protecting Consumers Against Unfair Business Practices

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Lawyer

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Consumers have rights; they have the right to hold those who sell goods and services accountable should they seek to take unfair advantage of a consumer’s lack of information. In some cases the action is unfair; in other cases, the action is downright fraudulent. A consumer rights attorney in Chicago can ensure that your rights are upheld.

Types of cases:

When consumers find themselves vulnerable, perhaps their circumstances are such that you are not keeping up with paying their bills, abusive business practices often tend to occur. Debt collectors can make a consumers life a lot worse than it is, these people call the consumer day and night and even go so far as to try and contact the consumer while he or she is at work. There are laws that prohibit this type of badgering activity, as a matter of fact, a consumer rights attorney in Chicago can sue under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act on behalf of a client.

It is not just collection agencies that get out of line; there are lending firms that charge ridiculously high-interest rates on loans, entering into one-sided agreements with clients that hide the fact that in the event of default, there will be penalties and exorbitant fees charged.

There are numerous consumer rights laws in effect that provide protection against misleading and even false advertising. It is not unknown for a car dealer to purposefully advertise a low price on a specific vehicle in order to bring potential buyers to the showroom. When these people express an interest in buying the car, they are told the deal is no longer available and they then exert pressure on the individual to buy a car at terms far less favorable than those originally advertised.

These are just a few examples of how sellers can violate consumer rights if you feel that you have been economically disadvantaged as a result of improper conduct on the part of a merchant you are free to hire a consumer rights attorney in Chicago and sue for damages.

As a consumer, your rights are guaranteed, and if they are violated, you have the right to file a lawsuit for compensation. If you are looking for a consumer rights attorney in Chicago, you are invited to contact Zimmerman Law Offices.