How to Prepare For Your First Meeting With the Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Lawyers

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When an injured worker needs to hire a lawyer for their worker’s compensation claim, they can feel a little nervous about the first meeting, especially if they have never had to hire a lawyer before. Being prepared is important when someone needs to meet with the Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL. This information will help to prepare injured workers for their meeting.

What Should Injured Workers Bring to the Meeting?

Before an injured worker attends their meeting with the Workers Comp Lawyers in Vero Beach FL, they need to make sure they are properly prepared by having all of the pertinent facts gathered. The following information should be gathered:

  *     Date of hire

  *     Date of injury

  *     How the injury occurred

  *     The date the injured worker informed their employer

  *     The date medical treatment was sought

  *     A brief summary of the medical care that has been received since the injury occurred

Because it can be arduous to go through the appeal’s process, it is imperative an injured worker is armed with information to provide their lawyer. If an injured worker has any of these pieces of information, it is important they bring them to the meeting.

  *     Accident reports

  *     Copies of medical records

  *     Doctor’s contact information

  *     Witnesses and their contact information

  *     Correspondence from the insurance company or employer

  *     Contact information for employer and insurance company

Lawyers Make the Process Easier to Go Through

Although a lawyer cannot guarantee any outcome for their client, they can certainly make the process much easier to go through. The lawyer will work with the employer and insurance company to try and compel them to be fair. If they refuse, an appeal can be filed.

The appeal is sometimes stressful for an injured worker, especially if they will end up going through the process without legal representation. A lawyer will guide their client through each step and will protect their rights as they go through the appeal’s process.

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