Planning Out Your Estate and Final Wishes

by | Jun 10, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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If you have a sizable estate and a number of heirs, you may want to finalize plans for your estate well before you pass away. By hiring a probate lawyer in Rockford, IL, clients like you can put your wishes into writing and file your will with the court, ensuring your plans are carried out after you are gone.

When you retain the services of a probate lawyer in Rockford, IL, residents like you can write out and file your will. Your will dictates how you would like your possessions and money to be divided after you are gone. Without a will, all your heirs have equal access to your assets and will have to ask the court to determine who gets what from your estate.

You can also dictate how you would like your funeral to be carried after you are gone in your will. You can go into detail like where you would like the service to be held to where you want to be buried. The lawyer in charge of your estate will ensure your plans are carried out to your exact wishes.

Before any of your wishes can be carried out, your will has to be filed with the local court. The taxes on your estate also must be paid to the state and federal government. Your attorney can make sure all the taxes are paid in full. The money can come from your life insurance or from the money you have set aside for your final wishes.

You can start planning out your estate today. Contact the lawyers from the Crosby Law Firm to hire one for your probate needs today.