Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont Can Help Clients Gather the Right Evidence

by | Jun 29, 2016 | Lawyer

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If one is injured and their property is damaged in an auto accident, winning the claim can make the difference between a good future and a bleak one. Therefore, it’s important to pursue the claim carefully and to get legal advice to prevent errors that can ruin the case. Below are several ways clients of Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont can benefit their claims and increase their chances of settlement.

Collect All Possible Evidence

Without evidence, one can’t build a case. There are two kinds of evidence: that which can prove another party’s fault, and that which proves one’s damages. To maximize the claim, victims should collect information that can substantiate their allegations, such as:

• Medical bills and prescription receipts

• Doctor’s notes and diagnoses

• Videos and photos of the accident scene and the damaged property

• Contact info for witnesses

• Documentation of injuries

• Proof of economic losses

• Receipts for other expenses

Listen to the Doctor

It’s important to get medical treatment immediately after an accident and to attend all follow-up appointments. If a victim fails in that regard, the defendant or their insurer can use the failure to prove that the injuries are less serious than claimed. For example, if a doctor orders the victim not to lift weights but the person posts pictures of themselves in the gym, the case could be ruined.

Be Specific About Losses

The more detailed a victim is about his or her damages, the more likely they are to get a fair settlement. For instance, the degree of daily pain, the family’s suffering because of the injury, and the victim’s emotional damages are all vital (and compensable). Personal Injury Lawyers in Vermont can help a client create an itemized account of the accident’s effects on their life.

Don’t Rush Into a Settlement

If a person is injured and they cannot work, they may worry about how to support the family. Insurers are aware of this, and some may use the victim’s financial instability as a bargaining chip. The insurer may offer a low settlement in the beginning, in hopes that the client will agree to the lower payout. It’s not a good idea to accept the first settlement offer, especially without speaking to an attorney with McVeigh Skiff LLP first.