Why You Do Not Want to Delay Talking to an Auto Accident Lawyer

by | Aug 28, 2017 | Lawyer

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Accidents happen. However, the time in which you have to make an accident claim will quickly pass if you do not discuss your case with an attorney immediately. In Texas, it pays to make a claim for an accident that was not your fault as the state employs a fault system, or is considered a “fault” state with respect to insurance claims.

First-Party Claims

By speaking to an auto accident lawyer, you can learn more about your rights for filing a claim for an auto accident that was not your fault. A fault system requires the guilty party in an accident to pay for an accident that he or she causes. Therefore, after an accident, the person who suffers an injury or injuries may first file a claim with his or her insurance company. This type of claim is defined as a first-party claim.

Third-Party Claims

He or she may follow up by seeking compensation from the insurance company of the other party. This type of claim is called a third-party claim. You would never file a second-party claim as the second party is the insurance provider.

In addition to these two claims, the injured party may file a lawsuit with an auto accident lawyer, especially if he or she feels that he or she deserves extra compensation for his or her injuries, pain and suffering, property damage, or lost wages.

The Difference between a No-Fault System and a Fault System

A fault system in a state is different than a no-fault system as the no-fault system necessitates that the insurance company pay a claim regardless of the party at fault. As a result, an injured party must meet certain criteria to make a claim in a no-fault state.

Get all your questions answered and act on a claim immediately to make sure that you successfully obtain the compensation that you deserve.