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Needing A Bail Bond In Atlanta

It can be scary waiting in jail for a bond. That is because people are not automatically entitled to one. Rather, those accused of minor crimes may get a bond quicker than others. The jail has a bond schedule for these types of crimes. The bond schedule is set by judges in the jurisdiction. However, those charged with serious crimes may need a bond hearing. Hopefully, a loved one will hire an attorney to file the necessary paperwork. Once the motion is filed, a hearing is set for sometime within the next few days.

The judge listens to the facts of the case before granting a bond. Likewise, they want to know whether the defendant has a criminal history. Factors that help to get a bail bond in Atlanta include having a job and a family in the city. Judges are more likely to grant a bond if someone has to support a family. A bail bond is an agreement between the loved one and the bonding company. A fee is paid and the bonding company pays the full bond amount. Bonding companies in Georgia can charge up to 15-percent of the total bond. Remember, this this amount is not refundable.

Sometimes, a Bail Bond in Atlanta may be a cash-only bond. This means the total bail amount must be paid in cash. Additionally, the cash is refunded when the case is over. Judges require cash-only bonds when the defendant is a flight risk. Further, a person may get a cash-only bond if they have failed to appear for court in the past. On the other hand, there are those who want to make a property bond. This means property is pledged for the bond. In order to use property, there must be sufficient equity to cover the total bond amount. Indeed, some bail bondsmen accept cars for a property bond. Keep in mind the property may be lost if the defendant fails to appear. In any event, bonding companies provide a valuable service.