Do You Need the Assistance of Estate Planning Lawyers in Topeka, KS?

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Lawyers

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Most people will put off making a will. Not only is the process depressing, but it also can become quite complicated at times. However, once you have a will in place, you will feel more at ease about how your estate will be distributed after you die.

Why Creating a Will Is Important

You probably already know that you should rely on the services of estate planning lawyers in Topeka, KS if you own assets and property. Even if you feel your estate is small, you do not want the state to make the call with respect to how it is distributed. In addition, the process can turn out to be quite costly and lengthy. By drawing up a will, you can decide how your assets will be distributed, who will be the executor, and what provisions will be made for your dependents or children.

Your Will Can Also Be Updated

After you draw up your will with the estate planning lawyers, you can contact them to make any updates. If you want your family members to avoid the hassles of probate, then planning and creating a will should be a priority. If a person dies intestate or without a will, the probate process can become both frustrating and complex.

Avoiding the Probate Process

Fortunately, estate planning lawyers in Kansas can assist residents in avoiding the probate process. This can include securing assets in a living trust, establishing joint ownership–which means that both parties have rights of survivorship–, or establishing a transfer-on-death designation for real estate, securities, accounts, and other assets.

In order to learn your rights in this respect, contact legal professionals at a firm such as Debenham Law Office, LLC. Do not delay making the provisions. Make sure your family members receive the assets and belongings you wish to give them upon your death. You can find out all the elements involved in estate planning by speaking with estate planning lawyers at your earliest convenience.