Interesting Facts About Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Lawyer

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Bail Bonds seem like a fairly simple and straight forward solution to getting out of jail. In most cases they are and they are also much desired by the families of those who are behind bars as they reduce the stress of knowing their loved one is jailed. There are some interesting facts about Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City that many may not be aware of, though. Here are just a few.

  • Bail bonds are not available in every state in America. Privatized bond lending services are actually restricted in Wisconsin, Maine, Kentucky, Oregon, Nebraska, and Illinois. If one is arrested and jailed within the borders of these states, they will have to pay the bail with their own money.
  • Not every crime requires bail money. If a crime is something like a simple misdemeanor, the judge will often let the defendant go on personal recognizance, which is simply a verbal promise to appear in court.
  • Signing over collateral for bail bonds in Oklahoma City is not necessarily the end of the ordeal. The defendant will have to not only appear in court whenever requested but also adhere to other conditions which may be set. These may be stipulations such as attending anger management classes, drug or alcohol rehab programs, or meetings with probation officers. There may be stipulations set forth by the bail bondsmen which must also be adhered to. If any of these demands are not followed, there is the risk of losing the collateral which was used for bail.
  • In some ways, bail bondsman have more power than police officers. They can track and take into custody absconders across state lines and can even enter the home of the defendant for arrest purposes without the need for a warrant.
  • Only two countries in the world have a commercial bail bonds system. These countries are the United States and the Philippines. No other countries allow this practice.

These facts are not only interesting but are also important to remember. If you or a love one find yourselves in a tight spot and are in need of an honest and reputable bail bondsman, contact a truly professional company such as Ken Boyer Bail Bonds.