Information That Is Available Through A Divorce Lawyer In Bethlehem, PA

by | May 30, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners must review all angles when approaching their case. The key to completing a divorce case without major obstacles is to find a clear resolution. The couple must reach an agreement on vital concepts related to their marriage. The following is information that is available through a Divorce Lawyer in Bethlehem PA.

Evaluating the Divorce Grounds

The most common divorce ground is an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. This divorce ground doesn’t present any blame against either party. However, if the petitioner wishes to use fault-based grounds, they must provide evidence to support the claim. The evidence is based on the type of ground used. For example, if adultery was chosen, the petitioner must provide video footage, photographs, text messages, or phone records. These examples of evidence could provide them with adequate support for these cases.

How to Utilize Mediation Effectively

Mediation is used to prevent a divorce trial. A divorce trial presents the couple with a longer wait for finalizing the divorce. In some cases, a divorce trial may take up to two years to settle. With mediation, the couple could discuss their differences and make choices about marital property division, child custody and support, and alimony. The process takes several days to complete. It is possible for the couple to find a better agreement and eliminate further issues through this legal process.

Assessing Risks to the Child

The court will assess any risks to the child when child custody and support are determined. Each parent is reviewed according to their ability to provide adequate care for their child. The court assesses their income to determine if they have the financial means to support the child. They also review the lifestyle of each parent to determine if they have any addictions or other conditions that could threaten the child’s well-being.

In Pennsylvania, divorce petitioners assess all possibilities when starting their cases. Common probabilities are disputes about property division or child custody. The couple may argue over property that wasn’t included in the marital estate originally as well. Petitioners who need to discuss these cases with a Divorce Lawyer in Bethlehem PA can Meet Conrad Attorneys today.