If You Live in Rockford and Need an Attorney After an Auto Accident

by | Jan 22, 2024 | Attorney

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You were recently in an auto accident that was caused by a driver going at an excessive speed under poor weather conditions. You are a very careful driver, usually carefully monitoring your speed considering a number of factors, like darkness, and bad weather.

While the other driver did stop for only a few minutes, you were able to get his license tag and a few other details like, make, model, and year of his car but he would not give you his auto insurance information.

Your car sustained a great deal of damage, it probably is totaled or just not worth the money to have repaired. You, as well, sustained some injuries, like a broken arm, some back pain, and other injuries that were milder.

You know that you need a Rockford auto accident lawyer, especially to help you figure out how to sue the other driver. You want to find an experienced attorney who has a winning record in these types of cases. You are also feeling kind of sorry for yourself and you hope that the attorney you hire will show some compassion for your situation.

You know that your pain and suffering is almost worth more to you than the actual cost of your medical bills and lost wages and you hope that the Rockford auto accident lawyer you engage can understand that and make it part of your law suit. Before the accident you were a happy guy, now you are sad all the time.

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