How Trucking Accident Attorneys in Dayton, OH Can Help

by | Feb 23, 2016 | Lawyer

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If one is injured by a truck driver, they may be able to file a negligence suit against multiple parties. Potential defendants can include the driver, their employer, the trucking company, the truck’s manufacturer, the shipper of the goods or even the shop servicing the truck. Here, potential clients can get more information on suing these parties after an accident involving a large truck.

Why Can a Victim Sue the Trucker’s Employer?

Injury victims can sue the trucker’s employer based on the doctrine of respondeat superior, which simply means that the employer is liable for the worker’s negligent acts. Employers have vicarious liability for accidents occurring during the course of the work day but to hold the employer liable, the driver must be a direct employee rather than a contractor. One can file suit against the employer rather than the driver because the likelihood of recovering economic damages is higher.

Why Can Victims Sue Truck Manufacturers?

The manufacturer of a truck can be sued due to a design defect that causes an accident. Here, liability falls on the manufacturer of the truck or its parts. Consult trucking accident attorneys in Dayton, OH for more details.

Suing a Hazardous Goods Shipper

If the transported goods are hazardous to the environment, property or other living creatures, the shipper can be sued for failure to inform the driver or the company that the items were hazardous.

How a Victim Can Sue the Repair Shop Servicing the Truck

If the truck recently underwent repairs and it is found that the job was done poorly or incorrectly, the victim may sue the repair technician who performed the repairs, along with the technician’s employer.

Do Victims of Trucking Accidents Always Need Legal Help?

Trucking accidents are typically severe, mainly because of the size difference between large trucks and passenger vehicles. These accidents can leave victims with lasting injuries and they can keep the victim out of work for a long period. If one is involved in an accident with a large truck and they wish to recover economic damages, they should consult Trucking Accident Attorneys in Dayton, OH.