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How to Get Municipal, Sate, Superior and Federal Bail Bonds in DeKalb County

The bail bonds process is similar in most counties, but not all types of bail bonds are created equal. Here’s a quick guide on how to get municipal, state, superior and federal bail bonds in DeKalb County.

Bail Bonds 101
Bail bonds help inmates get out of pre-trial jail when they can’t post bail in full. Bail bonds cost 10% to 15% of a total bail amount. The cost, or premium, is the bond agent’s nonrefundable fee minus court filing costs.

Inmates without income or good credit can still secure bail bonds with the use of a co-signer and collateral. A co-signer agrees to make sure the defendant shows up in court. The co-signer also takes responsibility for paying bail in full if the defendant flees. Having a co-signer and collateral makes securing bail bonds much more possible for those without employment or who have bad credit.

Municipal, State, Superior & Federal Bail Bonds
Depending on the charges brought against the defendant, the case may be tried at the municipal, state, superior or federal level. Each court interprets laws that correspond to its level.

Defendants tried at each level who wish to bond out of pre-trial jail require a corresponding bail bond. Everything mentioned above about bail bonds applies to bail bonds at each level, but there are exceptions.

Each type of bond comes with conditions and restrictions imposed by the judge, such as limited contact with victims or witnesses. Federal bail bonds typically entail a release until trial proceedings, but the defendant must have a co-signer and follow unique bond conditions, or risk forfeiture, a bench warrant and rearrest.

Contact Free at Last Bail Bonds and find out how to secure municipal, state, superior and federal bail bonds in DeKalb County.