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Hiring A Criminal Lawyer In Singapore After Your Arrest

After you are arrested, it is paramount that you hire Criminal Lawyers in Singapore. Your criminal defense attorney assists you in paving the avenue for you to prove your innocence. The attorney reviews all details of your case and considers all facts. He or she will investigate all evidence presented by the prosecution to determine whether it is solid or circumstantial. In cases where the evidence is purely circumstantial you have a high probability of presenting reasonable doubt to the jury.

After You are Arrested
After an arrest, you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you. You may contact this attorney while you are in county lockup or have a family member contact one for you. When you meet with this criminal defense attorney, he or she reviews the facts of your case. He or she will record your testimony and begin to investigate leads that may allow the acquisition of evidence. In building your case, this attorney compiles this evidence to present to the judge and jury. The key element of a criminal case is to present reasonable doubt that you committed the crime and present evidence to support this claim.

Criminal Defense Services
Bishop Law provides criminal defense services for anyone accused of an infraction. This includes misdemeanors as well as felonies. These attorneys are familiar with the laws that apply to a high volume of probable criminal cases. This allows them to provide a vast array of services to their clients. They offer legal representation for crimes such as DUI, drug charges, murder, and sexually-based crimes.

With a Criminal Lawyer in Singapore is your first line of defense in these proceedings. These attorneys stand beside you during your arreignment and assist you in posting bail. They investigate probabilities that assist you in fighting against a conviction. The attorneys compile evidence based on the findings of their investigation. With this evidence, they establish the most effective practices for your specific case and determine which laws are helpful in winning.