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Hiring a Child Custody Lawyer in Auburn, Indiana to Fight for Custody

Even though the custody has already been determined, the situation has changed. Now, a person is left with no or partial custody and wants to fight for custody of their child. In these cases, the person is going to need to hire a Child Custody Lawyer in Auburn Indiana, to help them. The attorney can help determine if they are going to be able to get partial or full custody and what needs to be done for it to be awarded.

Partial Custody

If a person lost custody during the divorce or never had custody because the couple wasn’t married, they may want to hire a lawyer to fight for partial custody. The courts prefer children to be cared for by both parents, and it’s highly likely someone fighting to get partial custody of their child is not going to receive it, barring extreme situations like abuse. A person can speak with a lawyer to find out what they need to do to ask for partial custody and to ensure they’re ready if it is awarded.

Full Custody

A parent might have suspicions their child is being abused or neglected by the other parent. In these cases, they’re going to want to show the judge that the child would be better living with just them instead of the other spouse. This can be incredibly difficult to prove though certain evidence can help. The person will need to hire a lawyer in these cases, as the lawyer can help them gather sufficient evidence to show the abuse or neglect, so they have a higher chance of being awarded full custody.

Custody arrangements can be altered at any time by either parent though they need to be approved by a judge. If a person would like to try to obtain partial or full custody of their child, they are going to need to work closely with a Child Custody Lawyer in Auburn Indiana. The lawyer has experience in these types of cases and will know exactly what needs to be done to give the parent a better chance of receiving the outcome they want. For more information or to hire a lawyer, visit Website today.