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When to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Wilkes-Barre, PA

An injury sustained while on the job should lead to the victim obtaining workers’ compensation payments. However, this is not always the case. If you find you are being denied your fair compensation, a workers’ compensation attorney in Wilkes-Barre, PA will be of great help. The following situations call for a consultation with an attorney.

A Claim That Has Been Denied

Workers’ compensation is paid through an insurance company, and agents are trained to deny claims whenever possible. For example, the insurer may state the accident occurred outside of work hours or the claim wasn’t reported in a timely manner. The attorney works to overcome these objections and knows the tactics used to delay or deny payouts.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Any time a worker has a pre-existing condition, the insurer will try to say that this condition or injury disqualifies the worker from obtaining benefits. The attorney calls on their network of professionals to prove the injury is the result of an incident at work and not from the pre-existing condition.

Questions Regarding the Permanent Disability Rating

Doctors assign a permanent disability to patients in this situation. The insurance company may challenge this rating and try to have it changed in their favor, but the attorney protects the rating and the rights of the injured worker.

Treatment Is Being Denied

An insurance company could refuse payment for medical treatments as they disagree with the assessment that these treatments are needed. In some situations, the treatment may be a surgery the medical team has determined is needed or it might be a medication that has been prescribed. The attorney puts pressure on the insurance company to ensure compliance with the law at this time and to ensure any recommended treatment is obtained by the worker.

Reduced Benefits

An individual may be receiving additional government benefits. When the workers’ compensation payments start, these benefits may be affected in a negative way. The attorney works to minimize the impact of the workers’ compensation payments on these benefits.

A Legal Proceeding

Individuals need to recognize a workers’ compensation hearing is the same as a trial. Most individuals wouldn’t go before a judge without an attorney. The same should be true when attempting to collect workers’ compensation benefits.

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