Hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer When You’re Injured on the Job

by | Feb 1, 2016 | Lawyers

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Most workers should be covered by workers’ compensation if they’re injured on the job in Florida. If an employer has three or less employees, an employee may not be able to file a claim for compensation. An injured worker in Florida cannot file a personal injury claim against an employer unless it’s through workers’ compensation. Maritime workers may not be able to file under workers’ compensation and may be able to file a claim under the federal Jones Act. Even executives may be exempt from filing a workers’ compensation claim if they’ve been injured on the job. Florida laws for injured employees are highly complex, and that’s why it’s a very good reason to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer.

An injured employee must notify their employer within 30 days they were injured on the job and were in need of medical attention. It is recommended an employee notify their employer as soon as possible to eliminate the opportunity of the employer denying a claim. An employer could claim the employee was injured at home and not on the job and the denial of the claim process will begin. An injured worker should document any information about the case and any witnesses along with contact information. Any medical system the employee required should also be documented. If an injured worker does not notify their employer of the injury within the 30 days, the claim will be denied under the Florida law.

Personal injury cases require the injured person to prove the other party was negligent, whereas an injured worker must prove they were injured during their normal course of employment. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help in proving the injury occurred at work and will ensure no deadlines are missed through the course of the claim. Once there is proof an injury occurred at work, an employee is automatically entitled to compensation. It’s worthy to note that many companies will deny and fight an employee on their workers’ compensation claim. If an employee was reckless and contributed to the injury, they may not be eligible for compensation. For more information about legal representation from injuries received on the job, please feel free to visit Northfloridaautoaccidentlawyer.com.

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