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Help from Criminal Lawyers in Cincinnati, OH

The job of criminal lawyers in Cincinnati, OH can be quite varied. The majority of work that criminal lawyers do is focused on crimes like DUI, DWI, domestic assault, and breaking and entering. In most criminal cases, jail time is not necessarily going to occur. In fact, with a skilled attorney and a good investigator, many people who are accused of crimes will be able to either significantly reduce or completely eliminate their jail sentence.

A criminal conviction in cases like driving under the influence can be extremely serious. Second and third convictions can result in criminal charges, which often mean six years or more in jail. People who are convicted of DUI felonies will also lose their driver’s license for a minimum of one year. In order to begin driving again, the convicted person must complete a rehabilitation program and must have an Ignition Interlock Device installed on their vehicle. This device will require the driver to blow into a machine that will analyze the blood alcohol content. Only if the driver is sober will the vehicle start.

In addition to all the things described above, the monetary cost of a DUI or other criminal conviction in the state of Ohio is extremely high. Fines can range from several hundred up to tens of thousands of dollars for people who are convicted of felony crimes. Although many people feel reluctant to hire an attorney due to the cost, the bottom line is that criminal lawyers in Cincinnati, OH like website can save money for their client in the long run.

Often, a criminal attorney will be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to get the sentence and fines down to much more manageable amounts for their client. If there is any way at all to prove that a client is innocent, the attorney will hire and work closely with an investigator to demonstrate that truth. In some cases, there may have been an irregularity with the arrest that will actually allow for the dismissal of the case, even if the charges are actually valid. Talk to a criminal lawyer about the best way to handle your charges today.

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