Having a Dog Bite Attorney in Norwich, CT by Your Side

by | Sep 19, 2016 | Lawyer

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Going through a dog attack can be a terrifying experience for most people. The last thing a person might be thinking about after a vicious dog attack is hiring a dog bite attorney in Norwich, CT. Severe dog attacks can require dozens of stitches and the injuries don’t just leave physical scars; they can also cause mental anguish. If a child is bitten by a dog while playing outside, they might become fearful of the outdoors, which might lead them to need counseling to get past their fears.

Talking to Stephen M. Reck or any other dog bite attorney in Norwich, CT after a dog attack is crucial. What if a person is bitten by a dog and doesn’t have any health insurance? Even with recent health insurance reforms, there are still a number of uninsured people. A person without any might not be able to afford any reconstructive surgery that they might have to get done. In some cases, time is of essence, as putting off reconstructive surgery might interfere with the results of the procedure. People without insurance can also struggle with emergency room bills and other medical costs.

Although it’s the responsibility of dog owners to make sure that they keep their dogs under control, there are some things that people who don’t own dogs have to keep in mind if they wish to remain safe outdoors. Folks have to always be aware of their surroundings, especially while out at parks and other areas where dogs are more likely to be. Some dog owners will take their dogs off leashes when they think there aren’t other people around. If a person suddenly shows up and frightens the dog, the dog might attack. Dogs can bite for a number of reasons, and fear is one.

People who have been victims of dog attacks can visit the website of an attorney to find out more about how to handle their cases. Sometimes legal action is not necessary, but if the injuries are serious, a person should have a lawyer by their side.