Getting Help from a Divorce Law Firm in Lee’s Summit, MO When Your Marriage is Ending

by | Nov 7, 2017 | Lawyer

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Time may come in the marriage of a couple where the two decide they can no longer live happily ever after, can’t stand the sight of each other and want a divorce. When such times arise, it isn’t time to get lax, but to immediately get the legal advice and counsel of a divorce lawyer who can help the client not to lose the shirt off his or her back. A Divorce Law Firm in Lee’s Summit MO has been helping clients find reasonable solutions in their divorce proceedings. Here are some of the things that a client should understand about divorce in Missouri.

The Divorce Law in Missouri

When a person decides that he or she wants a divorce in Missouri, he or she had better get a handle on the specific laws regarding divorce in the state. For example, either party must be a resident of the State of Missouri at least 90 days prior to filing for divorce, and must file in the county where either of the residents is living. The most obvious reason for a divorce being granted is based on the marriage being irretrievably broken.

More about Divorce Law in Missouri

If the one being sued for divorce denies that the marriage can’t be repaired, there are other reasons that must be proven, such as the spouse committing adultery beyond the partner’s ability or desire to continue such a relationship. Other reasons for granting divorce include, but are not limited to, abandonment of the spouse for at least six months before filing the divorce petition, behavior in the defendant that the other spouse could not tolerate, and the two parties involved living apart for 24 months continuously.

A Law Firm for Help When Filing for Divorce in Missouri

The Law Office of Dana M. Outlaw has been providing family law solutions to clients in the Lee’s Summit, Missouri area for a long period, such as child custody and divorce. The law office practices all types of family law, and also handles cases for juvenile court. If a person is looking for a Divorce Law Firm in Lee’s Summit MO, the law office is available. For more information, visit the website at .