Getting Help for Your Workers Compensation in Vermont

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Lawyer

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When a person is injured at work through no fault of his or her own, the situation ends up becoming a matter involving workers’ compensation. This is a type of insurance that is set aside by the employer to help an injured employee with his or her medical bills and to continue getting a portion of his or her salary. An attorney who takes cases involving Workers Compensation in Vermont assists those clients who are not getting their workers’ compensation as warranted. Here are some things to understand about the workers’ compensation process.

What to Understand about the Workers’ Compensation Process

If an injured party wants to ensure he or she will get the workers’ compensation promptly and the right amount, he or she must make sure everything is done to satisfy the requirements of the workers’ compensation review board. The accident that occurred must be reported immediately to the supervisor (usually within 24 hours), and medical treatment must be sought that will warrant the workers’ compensation. The benefits of the workers’ compensation will begin to be usually paid within an 18 day period of the incident if the employee is out of work seven days or more.

More to Understand The Workers’ Compensation Process

During the time of the employee’s injury or illness, the doctor treating the employee will continue to submit progress reports to the compensation board, usually about every 45 days. There are times, however, even with doing all that is required when the injured employee does not get the payments as warranted. This is when the employee should contact an attorney for help with the process.

Who to Call in Vermont

McVeigh Skiff LLP are attorneys in the Burlington, Vermont, area who have been providing legal solutions for clients in the region for more than four decades. In addition to workers’ compensation cases, the attorneys also assist with personal injury cases, such as wrongful death, medical malpractice, and nursing home injuries. If a person is in need of help with his or her Workers Compensation in Vermont, the attorneys are available and can be reached at Website URL.