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For Help Obtaining Child Support, Contact a Lawyer Who Works With Family Law in Scranton, PA

Child support can be initially awarded during a divorce or during a separation and custody hearing if the couple was never married. The child support typically needs to be paid by the parent who is with the children less often but, in some cases, the parents may have the child equally and one will need to pay child support because they make quite a bit more money. Once the amount is determined, however, it’s not the end. A person may still need to contact a lawyer who works in Family Law Scranton PA for help.

Making Sure the Child Support is Paid

If the parent who is supposed to be paying child support refuses to pay, the parent receiving the support can speak with a lawyer for help making sure the support is paid each month. If the payer refuses to follow the guidelines and pays too little each month or often skips months, the receiver can ask that their wages be garnished. In some cases, if the payer has not paid in a significant amount of time, they can even be jailed for the non-payment.

Changing the Amount of Child Support

Even if the child support is paid on time each month, one of the parents may need to go back to the judge to ask for an adjustment. This is often done when the parent paying child support starts making significantly more or less money, and the changes can be brought to the court’s attention by either parent. A lawyer can help the parent determine if adjusting the amount is a wise option at the time or if they should wait until a better time. This depends entirely on the specific circumstances of the case.

Obtaining the right amount of child support when it is due can be difficult, but there are procedures in place to help if a person is not receiving the full amount or if one parent would like the amount adjusted. In these cases, a lawyer who handles cases in family law in Scranton PA, will be essential as they understand the court procedures and the impact these changes might have. For more information, contact John T. O’Malley Attorney At Law today.