Finding Expert Lawyers In Dubai

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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In the United Arab Emirates, there are very well-established law firms that range in size from a sole lawyer in an office to an international firm with multiple locations across the UAE and offices abroad.

Legal Considerations

Each type of law firm offers benefits to consider, but there may also be some very important benefits to hiring the best possible lawyers in the Emirate. One of the biggest factors for investors from the United Kingdom to consider is the difference between laws and practices in the UAE and those familiar practices in the UK.

While it is true that the laws in the UAE are based on the British legal system, there is also Sharia Law. While Sharia Law is for Muslims, the laws can be applied to anyone in the country violating these laws.

In addition, in Dubai, even though it is more liberal than other areas of the Middle East, it is not uncommon for tourists or ex-pats living in the Emirate to be charged with crimes under Sharia Law. This may result in fines, but it can also result in deportation, jail time or a combination of different possible consequences.

The Benefit of Large Firms

By hiring the large firms that offer international business law, criminal law, employment, mergers and acquisitions and construction and real estate law specialisations, it is possible to have the professional experts of several lawyers on your side.

This is ideal for both consultancy needs as well as for defense or litigation needs. Keep in mind, some crimes in Dubai that are not serious in the UK, such as failing to fulfill a contract or pay a debt, can have very significant sentencing in the UAE.

Ideally, hiring lawyers in the UAE should be done as early in any type of legal process as possible. This allows the lawyer to become familiar with the case and prevent common errors and oversights that can occur with people not familiar with the specifics of the law.