Finding a Dog bite Lawyer In Rego Park Ny To Help Your Case

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Attorney

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There are millions of dog owners in this country. Many people consider dogs to be family and their best friends. However, as a dog owner it’s your responsibility to take care of your dog and watch over them. Unfortunately, some dogs can be unpredictable, and many of them have been known to viciously attack. These attacks not only end in the victim getting injured but it also ends in the dog owner facing severe punishment.

If you’re dog ends up attacking someone, and badly injuring them, it’ll help to have a lawyer. Find a Dog bite Lawyer In Rego Park Ny who is available to help and guide you through the aftermath. Not only will you be at risk of losing your dog, but many victims are looking for compensation for their injuries. The amount of compensation requested is sometimes as high as five or six figures. Your lawyer will work to either help you fight the case to come to a reasonable settlement price.

Knowing the circumstances of the attack will be very important and helpful to your case. In some cases, dogs attack in order to defend their owners against an attacker. Other times dogs may attack someone because they’re outside and defending their territory. Many attacks have involved a dog getting out of its cage or yard and attacking a random person in the streets. Was your dog being taunted before the attack? All of these details will determine the outcome of the case.

When you Find a Dog bite Lawyer In Rego Park Ny ask them about your home insurance. Having home insurance can help to protect you in cases that involve dog attacks. Your home insurance company will work with your lawyer and the prosecution to determine a reasonable settlement amount. If you don’t have insurance that covers dog attacks, it’s going to be up to you and your lawyer to fight the case made against you. Your lawyer may be able to allow for you to only pay for miscellaneous medical bills pertaining to the attack.

Consult with lawyers like Levy & Borukh, PLLC in order to get a fair trial in your dog biting case. Many of the incidents can be solved out of court very quickly.