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by | Oct 20, 2016 | Lawyer

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The statistics on under-aged drinking and driving are grim. The statistics are really out of proportion. Drivers under 21 account for a small percentage of licensed drivers. However, the same demographic group are more likely to die in a car accident involving alcohol. Why is this happening? One reason is youths are simply more reckless. Consequently, they are more likely to drink and drive. Also, binge drinking is a major part of the youth culture. Finally, a youth who has been drinking is more likely not to wear a seat-belt.

Simultaneously, the law is stricter on under-aged drivers. Most drivers are charged with DUI with a .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC.) However, the BAC for drivers under 21 is .02. Additionally, some states have “zero-tolerance” policies. This means youths can be charged with a BAC above 0. Youths who are charged should consult a Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Beaver Dam WI. This is especially important because a conviction can damage a future. Convicted youths face license suspensions of a year or more. In addition, fines go up to several thousand dollars. Auto insurance premiums will likely go up. Young people already pay more for insurance but a conviction adds to the price.

Also, youths may be ordered to attend DUI school which they must pay for. Community service is a possibility which leads to lost time from school and work. Likewise, the judge can sentence youths to jail. In any event, most youths will be placed on probation. Unfortunately, arrests and convictions can damage the reputation. Colleges ask about it on applications and one’s admission could be at risk. Further, the ability to get jobs and financial aid may be in jeopardy. This is where the Drunk Driving Defense Attorney in Beaver Dam WI comes in. These attorneys fight convictions in several ways. First, motions are filed to challenge the accuracy of the BAC results. Next, they attempt to negotiate a plea with the prosecutor. In many instances, the accused may get to plead to a lesser charge. It is more important than ever that youths learn the possible outcomes of their actions. Anyone who needs help should contact QBS Law S.C. Beaver Dam WI.