Filing Claims For Metro Accidents In Bowie

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Lawyer

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In Maryland, the Maryland Transit Authority must monitor and manage public transportation. Under federal laws, the authority is required to complete assessments, inspections, and mitigate any risk of an accident. A failure to comply leads to severe penalties and potential lawsuits. A local attorney represents victims who were injured during Metro Accidents in Bowie.

Unsafe Track Conditions

All tracks connected to the transit system must be evaluated at regular intervals. The maintenance staff must complete specific repairs and assessments as outlined in the law. All repairs, replacements, or issues are reported in a log book. Unsafe track conditions can lead to a lawsuit if passengers are injured.

Faulty Transit Equipment

All equipment used for the transit service must be certified and guaranteed by a manufacturer. All safety regulations must be met by the manufacturer, and the equipment must be tested and inspected before use. Any failure to ensure that the equipment is safe deems the transit authority liable for injuries.

Impaired or Exhausted Operators

All drivers who work for the transit service must be evaluated, too. Random drug and alcohol screenings must be conducted to identify drivers in violation of the law. After an accident, the driver must submit to testing. If he or she fails, the transit authority must take immediate action. Criminal charges could apply to any conductor who is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and causes an accident.

Starting a Claim

Victims who were injured have the legal right to file a legal claim against the transit authority. The claims must include full medical records for the victim’s injuries. Invoices for any expenses or financial losses linked to the accident injuries are also included. If a fatality occurs, the family of the victim may have grounds to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

In Maryland, the Maryland Transit Authority is responsible directly for any accidents involving the public transportation option. The authority must ensure that all maintenance and repair demands are completed according to federal laws. Common conditions that lead to accidents are unsafe track conditions, faulty equipment, and impaired operators. Victims of Metro Accidents in Bowie are encouraged to contact the Jaklitsch Law Group to start a claim now.